Shirley O’Loughlin is course leader of BA Photography and a Principal Lecturer in Photography and her teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels reflects her own focus in photographic practice for gallery spaces, film, publication and performance.

In 1978, with a degree in Fine Art, she began work at Rough Trade the independent label that released many of the most important records of post punk and profoundly altered the landscape of modern music. In 1990, she graduated with a degree in Photography at the Polytechnic of Central London and later an MA in Photographic Studies (Distinction) at the University of Derby.

Shirley has collaborated with The Raincoats since 1979 and continues to work with Ana da Silva and Gina Birch on a variety of projects in exhibition, film, performance and We ThRee. She is researching Shouting out loud, a body of work drawing on her own experiences with The Raincoats and Rough Trade during post punk, through riot grrrl and recent alliances with Girl Monster and We ThRee.

Selected exhibitions & events

2013 CCCB, Barcelona, Spain, Primera Persona: The Raincoats, photographs.

2011 Art Pop, Montreal, Canada, The Raincoats: Adventures, Gina Birch, Ana da Silva                       and Shirley O’Loughlin, film, drawings and photographs.

2010 MoMA, New York, USA, PopRally: An Evening with The Raincoats.

2009 National Portrait Gallery, London, UK, Iconic: The Raincoats, film, drawings, spoken word/performance.

2009 BFI, NFT1, London, UK, screening of The Raincoats: Fairytales, produced by Gina Birch,               Ana da Silva and Shirley O’Loughlin.

2008 Patio Maravillas, Madrid, Spain, Ladyfest Spain, Shouting out loud, installation.

2008 London Gallery West, UK, New Research Show, Shouting out loud, installation.

2006 South London Gallery, Her Noise, video/performance collaboration with Ana da Silva.

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2011 Odyshape, The Raincoats, Vinyl and CD, We ThRee.
2009 The Raincoats, The Raincoats, Vinyl and CD, We ThRee.                                                                 2006 Girl Monster, Introduction, triple CD compilation, ChicKs on Speed records.

2010 Document & Eyewitness: An Intimate History of Rough Trade, Neil Taylor, Orion.
2008 Do it Yourself: the Story of Rough Trade, Director: Chris Wilson, BBC FOUR.
2006 Rough Trade, Rob Young, Black Dog Publishing.