Professor David Bate was a student on the famous Film and Photographic Arts course at PCL in London, taught by Victor Burgin, Simon Watney and John Goto in the 1980s. He later studied art history at the University of Leeds with Griselda Pollock where he completed an MA Social History of Art and PhD on Photography and Surrealism. He has been a visiting artist and scholar in Australia and across Europe. His photographic work Zone was toured in Europe and shown in the USA and he has given lectures all over the world on photography. He is co-editor of the international theory and practice journal Photographies. He currently leads the Photography Research Group at the University of Westminster.


2011 Australian Picnic, Cube Gallery, Plymouth
2010 Australian Picnic, London Gallery West.
2008 Bungled Memories, Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, PhotoArts
Bungled Memories, Hoopers Gallery, London, February-March.
2006 Zone, Istanbul Photography Biennale, Istanbul, September – October
2004 Bungled Memories, Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia.
Zone, London West, London, UK.
2003 Zone, 15th Photography Biennale, Lorient France.
Zone, Archetype, Brussels.
2002 Zone, Belfast Exposed, Belfast, Ireland
Zone, Focal-Point Gallery, Southend;
Zone, Watershed, Bristol.
2001 Zone, Tallinn City Gallery, Estonia
Institutional Spaces, Art Academy Gallery, Tallinn
2000 Zero Culture, Danielle Arnaud, London. (January-February)


2012-13 Open Air Gallery, Diemar/Noble Gallery, London.
GIF, Born in 1987, Photographer’s Gallery, London.
Critical Dictionary, Work, London.
2011 Fitzrovia, Diemar/Noble Gallery, London.
Summer Show, Hoopers Gallery, London.
2010 Connections, 10 Gales Gallery, London
2009 Buitendor (Hotel Project), Ostend, Belgium.
2008 Galleria Asymetria, Warsaw, Poland.
2007 Bungled Memories, Institute for Romance Studies, London.
Objects in Waiting, Sheffield, www.objectsinwaiting.co.uk
Zone, Contemporary Art Projects, London.
2006 Anticipation (Fischli & Weiss, Janet Cardiff, Karin Müller, etc al)
Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, March-May.
Reconsidered, Contemporary Art Projects, London.
Outdoors, Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, London
2005 De-Realization at London West, London.
TrichLinnBerg, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Tallinn.
Diderot, Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London.


Zone, London: Artwords, 2012.
Photography: Key Concepts, Taiwanese edition, 2012.
Photography: Key Concepts, Slovenian edition, 2012.
Photography: Key Concepts, Italian edition, translated by Rinaldo Censi (Turin: Einaudi) 2011
Photography: Key Concepts, Japanese edition, translated by (Osaka, Film Art), 2010
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Zero Culture, Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, London, 2000. 26 pages (artist book, unpaginated, 2000), ISBN no 0-9537752-0-8

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