Ben Edwards is a photographer/ film maker and the Course leader of MA Photojornalism at the University of Westminster. His current practice migrates between personal projects, commercial assignments and stock photography/footage. He is one of the founder members of Blendimages LLC and Director of ER Productions Ltd. His stills and film work is represented by Getty Images and Corbis. His personal work is in notable public collections in the UK and USA, V&A and The MOMA Houston, Texas, and in private collections globally.

Photographic Exhibitions:

1993 :
Politics: The Impressions Gallery, York. Mixed touring with Philip Hallsman, Nick Sinclair etc.
Angela Flowers Gallery, London. The John Kobal Awards
The Association of Photographers Gallery, London, Mixed.
The Houston Center for Photography, Mixed Invitation Auction.
The Association Gallery, Invitation show. Mixed.
The Houston Center for Photography. Democratic Vistas
1997 :
Electronic Telegraph, Tour de France Web Site
Houston Centre for Photography. The Medicine Show.
1998 :
SHINE, National Museum of Photography Film and Television. Invitation Exhibition
1999 :
University of Hertfordshire. Memory Machines & Medicine. Sponsored Exhibition.
2003 :
Fluid, Video Installation with Mona Hartoum Andre Serranno, Helen Chadwick.

Public collections:

Victoria & Albert Museum, London.
Newberry College Library, Chicago, U.S.A.
Wellesley College Library, Massachusetts U.S.A.
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.
St Thomas hospital London
Papworth Hospital Cambridgeshire UK
St Joseph Hospital Houston Texas USA
Moma. Houston Texas USA

Major Publications:

The Correspondent Magazine
The Sunday Correspondent
The Independent Magazine
The Independent, Newspaper.
The Observer
The Times
The Telegraph
The Guardian
Life Magazine
Creative Camera
British Journal of Photography.


British Journal of Photography. Exposure, Trevor Gett. 1990
British Journal of Photography, Interview, Trevor Gett. 1992
British Journal of Photography, Year Book 1994.
Editor Chris Dickie.
Image Magazine 1994
Image Magazine John Cole 1993
Democratic Vistas catalogue. Interview David Brittain, Editor Creative Camera,
Forward, Paul Wombell, Director The Photographers Gallery, London.
Director The Photographers Gallery. Published: Houston Center for Photography. 1994.
Memory, Machines & Medicine. Forward David Brittain Creative Camera 1999.
University of Hertfordshire
Creative Camera 1999 Photography 1998
The Electronic Telegraph 1999 Memory, Machines & Medicine.
Fluid Touring Exhibition 2004

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