PROD part two is an informal exhibition showcasing work in progress from artists Holly Birtles and Ema O’Donovan.

In the series PROD artists Holly Birtles and Ema O’Donovan showcase an ongoing exploration of work dealing with torment, tangibility and photographic limitations.
The artists exploit the photographic medium through intervention techniques that encompass both new media and traditional photographic processes. With each experiment informing the next, the result is a fluid discourse between Birtles and O’Donovan and the configurations their works inherit.
Using a diverse range of materials whilst responding to images captured, the images consequently go through multiple stages of physical existence – until finally, they are presented as photographs and photographic sculptures.
Prod enables the artists to investigate their subject matter and maintain a collaboration through experimental photographic techniques.

Please join us for some drinks on the 11th 6.30 – 9.30 or by appointment.