Doomed Gallery
65 Ridley Rd, London E8 2NP
27th-30th October

Private view evening is the 27th October 6 – 9pm

Birtles creates a visual itch, by putting in tension photography’s flatness with a visceral punch. The artist critiques the assumptions of photography as a valiant and true recording of reality. Touching on the mediums failed promise and sensorial shortcoming. Birtles work pre-existed the numerous present dialogues concerning image manipulation.

Sculptural props are created from clay or inflatables for the photographs these are covered in expressionistic gloopy paint or dense all over graffiti asserting highly tactile qualities. The images then undergo a series of flattening via multiple re-photographing of these sculptural props. Highlighting the inherent loss of the images information. Jarring repetitions and Mis-registrations of overlaid images frustrate, until it is realised, this effect is anticipated. Re-entering and re-colonizing affective modes and sensorial pay off promised by advertising.

Through these props Birtles engages in the language of abstract expressionists, yet critically takes a detached sidestep and elimination of the intense romantic drives of the Americans artists.
Holly Birtles is a photography lecturer at the University Centre Farnborough. She received her Masters from The Slade School of Art, and graduated from Westminster University’s Photography BA.