BA Photography – 3 years full-time and 4 years part-time

Course Overview
This is a course in the creative and critical practice of photography. You will be encouraged to develop your own visual practice through an appreciation of the history of the medium as well as a critical understanding of its wider social and cultural significance. You will also explore a wide range of relevant contemporary theories and debates designed both to stimulate a critically engaged practice and to better prepare you for a range of related careers. You will also gain cognitive and transferable skills necessary for lifelong personal and professional development.

Many of our graduates go on to work as photographers and photographic artists, but equally they pursue a range of careers within the broader photographic and creative sectors, as designers, historians, magazine editors, museum and gallery curators, picture editors and researchers, teachers, and writers. Many also go on to postgraduate study.

This is the only BA Photography degree course in the UK, which offers both three years full-time and four-years part-time study. Part-time students are taught one day a week with further access to the facilities. Applicants should apply to the most appropriate route, but can also change route should their circumstances change. Course content is the same in three years full-time or four years part-time study.


Credit Level 4
You are provided with an intensive grounding in the key photographic techniques, theories and concepts, forming the basis for later learning. Subjects of study include:
• Photography from Invention to Mass Medium
• Photography from the Cold War to the Present
• The Photographic Eye
• The Constructed Photograph

Credit Level 5
You are encouraged to push the boundaries of your own photographic practice, and experiment and explore new ways of working including video, camera-less photography and alternative processes. You will also produce project work for specific contexts such as the gallery, magazine, the photobook or the screen. Students are offered options in work placements, group exhibitions, study abroad and collaborative interdisciplinary modules. Subjects of study include:
• Advanced Concepts in Photography
• Advanced Research Methods
• Vision & Technology
• Photography for Wall, Page & Screen
• Art/Science Collaboration
• Creative Encounters
• Exhibition
• Photography Beyond the Frame
• Professional Practice

Credit Level 6
You will focus on the production of two major pieces of self-directed visual and written work. You will work independently, supported by workshops, crits, and one-on-one tutorials, to produce a 10,000-word Dissertation and a Major Project for public exhibition. Professional development continues, to support you in preparing for your careers after graduation. Subjects of study include:
• Photography Dissertation
• Photography Major Project
• Professional Futures

Course Team
Gavin Jack, Course Leader – 3 years full-time
Shirley O’Loughlin, Course Leader – 4 Years part-time

Dr. David Campany, Rachel Cunningham, Andy Golding, Dr. Teemu Hupli, Allan Parker, Eileen Perrier, Andre Pinkowski, Ulrike Leyens, Dr. Neil Matheson, Dr. Eugenie Shinkle, Frank Watson. 


Lawrence Daley – notes on blankness