Sherry Cuttler is a photographic artist and educator based in London. She graduated from the BA (Hons) Photography at University of Westminster in 2012.  Her recent projects, Traumascapes and Mortifcation of the Self, explore her interest in the police and forensic photograph and the archive as a site for reclamation and narration, free association and memory construction processes.


Traumascapes, 2012

Trauma; human frailty; notions of crime and punishment; memory and loss are explored in this work, which draws on authentic crime scene photographs selected and sourced from police and forensic archives in Sydney, New York and Los Angeles. Today, eighty, sixty, forty years after the fact, crime scene photographs are no longer buried in their contextual bases in old, discarded police files. Police archives have been rescued from oblivion and brought to the publics’ attention via art galleries, museums, publications and the Internet. This process of re-contextualisation and re-presentation is essentially what I am engaging in: mobilising crime scene material that’s no longer relevant in the judicial sense and giving it a new intentionality and meaning.