Pavla Ondrova

Pavla Ondrova is a London based artist and photographer. She is currently studying on the  BA (Hons) Photography at the University of Westminster in London. She has been interested in photography since childhood and her practice today includes both digital and medium format analogue work. She works on personal projects often exploring the notion of space and environment.


Silenced, 2010

This project is an exploration of the various communities and dialogues that the Catholic Church has attempted to silence over the history of its existence. Each image is open to a variety of possible readings, depicting a conflictual relationship between the priest and the other subjects in the image. Issues of gender, sexuality, race, culture, abuse and power are offered up in the images for examination. The church continues to attempt to stifle discourse around the place of women in the church, sexuality and the legacy of religious colonialism.

Silenced is a collaboration with Robert Downes, Rob Sibley and Kun Song.