Lawrence Daley

The way the photograph conveys a sense of time is something that has confused and fascinated me in more or less equal measures. Typically we see the photograph used to evoke a past event and it is in this vein that we commonly encounter the medium (in family albums and newspapers for example). However the more I considered photography the clearer it became to me that the photograph is not constrained to existing within one time frame. It can certainly convey a sense of events past. But it can be used to imply some future occurrence that is yet to transpire. Equally it can give us an immediate experience that exists outside of the past or future tense.



notes on blankness, 2012

The artist may chose to place the emphasis on a given tense but there will always remain the nagging sensation that the photographs statement is not quite resolved. It is precisely this lack of resolution that my body of work, notes on blankness, has tried to address. Each image is an attempt to present the photograph as an inherently ambiguous document and one that invites imaginative engagement from the viewer. I hope that it reveals something of the nature of the medium and the process by which we view a photograph.