Amelia Shepherd

Amelia Shepherd is a photographic artist based in Brighton. She graduated from BA (Hons) Photography at University of Westminster in 2007 and completed an MA in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at London College of Communication in 2010. Amelia’s work explores the role of representation in documentary photography where the interface between artist, participant and audience is intermingled. She works on self-defined projects, is published, regularly exhibits and is funded by the Arts Council England.


Silent Voice, 2007

‘silent voice’ is a sensitive and personal insight through one man’s story into the political issue of the integration of asylum seekers into society. Through the poignancy of small details, these documentary photographs combined with ‘Momo’s’ poetically-transcribed words provide a narrative which engages the reader visually and emotionally with what it actually feels like to be of no place, homeless and citizenship less. The audience becomes ‘the witness’ as the the subject becomes co-author in this history. The photographer in turn questions her role as a documentary-maker alerting us in how, who and what we attempt to represent.