At the Imaging Technology Research Group (ITRG) we run a diverse and well-regarded research degree programme, reinforced by our newly launched Graduate School. We offer a wide range of facilities, including a state of the art psychophysical laboratory, a colour science laboratory, specialised software for imaging performance measurements, a very wide range of photographic and lighting equipment and professional photographic studios.

Students graduated from the ITRG have gone on to very successful careers in the academia as well as in known worldwide imaging science labs.

Current PhD projects running at the ITRG:

• Image appearance changes with changes in displayed image size.
• Acceptable levels of compression for CCTV imagery.
• Image quality metrics relating to still image compression.
• The reproduction of colour objects on different display technologies.

If you are interested in conducting research at ITRG please contact Dr Sophie Triantaphillidou, the leader of the ITRG, or Fauzia Ahmed at the Research Office in Harrow.