Imaging Technology Research Group (ITRG)

The Imaging Technology Research Group (ITRG) of the School of Media, Arts and Design is an interdisciplinary group of researchers that provides a synthesis between the scientific disciplines associated with the quantification of images and imaging systems. The group has much experience and expertise in the physical measurement of image and imaging system characteristics. It has laboratories, equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus and software that enable physical and perceptual attributes of images and systems to be quantified. The inter-relationships between physical measures and
subjective measures of image quality are undertaken as major activities of the work of the group, as well as aspects of human visions that are relevant to image quality measurement and modeling.

Research Areas
• Quantification of imaging system performance
• Digital image quality
• Image analysis and image processing
• Colour imaging
• Digital image collections and archives
• Internet imaging
• Medical and forensic imaging
• Spatial vision

The group has benefited from close links and joint research projects with the Royal Photographic Society (RPS), Nokia UK, the Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) and the Defense
Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) of the UK MoD. The group has recently gained a 3-year contract with the MoD’s DSLT on the Measurement and modeling of contrast sensitivity and contrast discrimination to complex image stimuli. ITRG has also close links with the Computer Vision and Imaging Group of the School of Electronics and Computer Science of the University. The groups will present a combined research output to the REF2014. Members of the ITRG staff are also involved in the teaching of the BA/Bsc Imaging Arts and Science.

Dr. Sophie Triantaphillidou,Group Leader,
Tel: +44(0) 20 7911 5000  ext. 4584

Time Mapping by Rebecca Krasnik [photographic art]
Rebecca Krasnik – Time Mapping