The Broad Vision art/science project began in 2010, offering students across the university a range of extracurricular opportunities for art/science collaborative research and interdisciplinary learning. Since then, the project has produced exhibitions, published books and articles, and presented at international conferences, festivals and symposiums.
The success of the project led to the project being accredited as a module – Art/science collaboration – which is now available as an elective module to second year students from arts and science disciplines.Through interdisciplinary exploration students become teachers, researchers and producers as they engage in questions probing at the heart of biology and psychology, technology and creativity, art and science. Projects to date have investigated the role of imaging technologies on vision and perception, worked with scientific image archives as a stimulus, and responded to themes of data, truth and beauty.

Participating courses to date include photographic arts, photography and digital imaging, clinical photography, biotechnology, illustration, psychology, human and medical sciences, biological sciences, multimedia computing, interactive product design, animation, cognitive science, molecular biology and genetics, and physiology and pharmacology.

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Imperica, 20 March 2013 By Danny Garside

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