Alessandra Chilà received her BA in Photography from the University of Westminster where she was also awarded a scholarship to study her Masters in Photographic Studies. She has exhibited in various group shows and had her first solo show in Charleroi, Belgium in 2011. Her work has been published and analyzed in academic journals and books on visual culture. She has also self-published a few books and she has been part of various talks and symposia on the function of photographic images in urban change, considering photographs as documents and the provarications and representations of sites in transition.

Since 2010 Alessandra also works commercially, producing conceptual fashion and still life photography. She has numerous publications in lifestyle magazines including The Wire and The Independent on Sunday. She has also produced photographic work for advertising campaigns.



2012 Uncertain States: Critical Visual Dialogue, Upstairs at Cut and Mutton, London, UK.
2011 Salon de Refuse Olympique, Imagining the Olympics, The View Tube, London, UK.
2011 The Story Behind the Photograph, The Photographers Gallery, London, UK.
2008 Olympic Artists Symposium, Space Studios, London, UK.
2008 Contrapolis; or, Creativity and Enclosure in the Cities, NAi & Poortgebouw,
Rotterdam, Nederland.


2012 “Olympian Visions” in The Art of Dissent: Adventures in London’s Olympic State,
Marshgate Press, London, UK
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2012 Isaac Marrero-Guillamón, ‘Photography against the Olympic Spectacle’, Visual 
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2012 Calabria: A Journal, privately published, London, UK
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2006 ‘Dis-Integrating Multiculturalism’, Mute, Vol.2, no.2, London, UK
2005 Second Nature, privately published, London, UK


2012 Juxtaposition, See Studio gallery, London, UK (group)
2012 Voice of the grain, Ambika P3, London, UK (group)
2012 MAPS Interim Show, London Gallery West, UK (group)
2011 Confined Spaces, V2 gallery, Charleroi, Belgium (solo)
2008 Exquisite Decay, Whitecross Gallery, London, UK (group)
2008 Contrapolis; or, Creativity and Enclosure in the Cities, NAi & Poortgebouw,
Rotterdam, Nederland (group)
2007 Foundations, Space Gallery, London, UK (group)
2007 Terrain Vague, Whitecross Gallery, London, UK (group)
2007 Best of Photography, London Gallery West, London, UK (group)
2007 Free Range 07, Atlantis Gallery, London, UK (group)